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Rissho Kosei-kai
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Rissho Kosei-kai’s General Objective:

Cultivating the Field of Our Hearts and Minds

2009 General Goal for All Members:

Last year, Rissho Kosei-kai witnessed a turning point as the structure of religious practice unique to our organization was mostly formulated which took seventy years since its foundation.

This year we will make it our goal to expand our circle of joy through the enshrinement of the Gohonzon (the Focus of Devotion) and the Dharma Titles of the Founder and the Cofounder to each and every member.

The Founder and the Cofounder have guided us to understand that the true spirit of Shakyamuni is wisdom and compassion described in the Lotus Sutra.

This year, as we members look ahead to the 100th anniversary of our organization, let us firmly vow to take up the important mission of liberating ourselves and others, with wisdom and compassion, through our practice and study of the Dharma.

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