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We look forward to hearing from you!

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Mon., Tue., Wed., Thu.*(check schedule), Fri.  8am-9am Pacific Time

​*No Morning Chant on Thursday when Transatlantic  Sangha Gatherings are scheduled.

Start off your day with a morning chant.  Sutra recitation is one of the 3 basic practices of our faith.  Let's practice reciting 4 chapters of the Lotus Sutra together and stay for Hoza or Dharma Circle afterwards.  Everyone is welcome.

(*No Morning Chant on Thursday when Transatlantic Sangha gathering in session )

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Every Thursday 6pm-7pm Pacific Time : Tuesday in Japanese 6pm-7pm Pacific Time

Welcome to the Online Sangha Gathering.  This is a Rissho Kosei-kai style service with a Lotus Sutra recitation, a Dharma Talk, and a place to align your thoughts with the Dharma, with the practice of  Hoza, or Dharma Circle where we talk about the teachings related to our daily lives.  Everyone is welcomed!

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1st & 3rd Thursday of every month, 8am-9am Pacific Time

Transatlantic Sangha is a gathering bridging continents.  Come and join friends from the Americas, Europe, and Africa.  The hour consists of a Lotus Sutra recitation and different features such as guest speakers, Dharma Journeys, and more!  Bring your friends! 

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March 7- April 25 (8 weeks), Sunday 3pm-4pm Pacific Time

We are happy to announce the return of the Dharma Dojo Lecture Series with Rev. Dr. Masaki Matsubara, a 16th-generation Zen Priest in the Rinzai lineage.   For this special 8 sessions, he will speak on Mahayana Buddhism, meditation practices and we will have the opportunity for some Q&A.  Everyone is welcomed!

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