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Welcome to your online community of Rissho Kosei-kai buddhist followers. We are here to help each other grow in understanding of how to live a less stressful and more positive life. We base our principles on the tenets of Buddhism, primarily the Lotus Sutra.

We practice Ekayana Buddhism which promotes the teaching of the One Vehicle. It combines the most important teachings of Theravadic and Mayahana traditions.

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Rissho Kosei-kai (RK) Online Sangha is the "cyber arm" of Rissho Kosei-kai International of North America (RKINA).

One of the primary goals of RKINA is to create and support RK sanghas, communities of Buddhist believers. There are many brick-and-mortar RK buddhist dharma centers in the US, but not enough to reach everyone in this vast country. It is the focus of this online sangha to reach those individuals.

In surfing the web, you will find many other Buddhist Sangha sites that offer great information. What sets us apart is our focus on personal interaction.

We offer live interactive broadcasts of our services and our hoza discussions EVERY THURSDAY AFTERNOON via Zoom. Use the meeting ID Number: 139 864 376.

Hoza or "Circle of Compassion" is a time when leaders present teachings in a lively discussion format. The discussions are personalized, not just philosophical in nature. Members can discuss real problems they are facing and obtain guidance on how to help themselves out of their situations.

We also offer online courses, complete with live lectures. The course of studies is designed to not only provide you with an understanding of the basic teachings, but teaches you how to use the teachings in your everyday life. Rissho Kosei-kai provides Buddhism for today, grounded in what you need, here and now. Click here to see a sample of a past online class on Buddhism.

We also have a private Facebook group so Online Sangha can connect and share with each other among members only.

We invite you to explore the rest of the RKINA headquarters website where you will find information about the founders, current leaders, philosophy and practices of Rissho Kosei-Kai.

In Gassho.

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