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Updated: Apr 26

A portrait picture of a person Nichiko Niwano.
Nichiko Niwano, President of Rissho Kosei-kai

President Nichiko Niwano, the first son of founder Nikkyo Niwano, was born in 1938, the year of Rissho Kosei-kai's founding. He succeeded Rissho Kosei-kai's President in 1991. 

He stated his resolution during the transfer of the presidency, "Let us be aware of our mission in this world and walk on the Great path with members of Rissho Kosei-kai."

The Founder's wish and mission were passed to the next President and all the members. The Founder, Nikkyo Niwano, recalled that when he decided to inherit the Lamp of the Dharma, his wife, Naoko, and the mother of Nichiko were most pleased. 

He has continued to disseminate the teachings in Japan and other countries. He encourages us to devote ourselves to the happiness of others. And emphasizes the necessity of enriching our inner spirituality.

President Niwano wants everyone in Rissho Kosei-kai to always walk with determination on the Buddha's path, following Founder Niwano's teachings based on the Lotus Sutra. He says, "With our eyes open to the fact that the Dharma, or universal truth, permeates us and that we have received the gift of life through the Buddha, we see that the people around us, all of them, are equally worthy of our respect and gratitude. When all people, with their hearts and minds, united as one, have faith in the universal truth, trust one another, and revere each other by respectfully joining hands, there will be a genuine world of harmony."


He has been vigorously active in interreligious cooperation with the WCRP/Religions for Peace and other organizations. His writings published in English include Cultivating the Buddhist Heart, Modern Meditations, The Inward Path, and My Father, My Teacher.

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