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Sangha in Motion

National Study Program - Advanced Lotus Sutra Seminar

In Ekayana Buddhism, we study and practice the wisdom of the Lotus Sutra. Rissho Kosei-kai has a two-year study program available to members from all locations in the U.S.

This year marks the beginning of a new class of students. Our first session was recently held at the San Antonio facility. Representatives from all over America gathered in Texas on March 14th to spend a special weekend together studying and experiencing the transformative power of the Buddha’s teachings.

Rev. Nakamura from San Antonio was the lead instructor supported by Kris Ladusau from Oklahoma, Rev. Mizutani from the RKINA office in Orange County, California, Rev. Hosoyama from Hawaii, and Rev. Kawamura from Los Angeles.

Each participant was assigned a chapter from the sutra. They presented a lecture of their own design, and then there was added input from the teachers, followed by group discussion. Many personal experiences were shared which added tremendous value to the gathering.

After two intense days of study, we relaxed at the famous San Antonio Riverwalk, having delicious Mexican food and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. We certainly appreciated the wonderful hospitality from the San Antonio membership. It was a great opportunity for members from different states to meet each other and develop a strong American Sangha.

Everyone is looking forward to our next gathering in September at the Rissho Kosei-kai Dharma Center of Oklahoma.

Sangha in Motion
National Study Program
Advanced Lotus Sutra Seminar
National Study Program for Ekayana Buddhism
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