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Installation Ceremony for Klamath Falls, Oregon

On May 18th 2008, the Dharma Center of Klamath Falls, Oregon became the 21st official group of Rissho Kosei-kai here in America. Twenty-three people were in attendance that day to help celebrate the grand opening.

Two years ago, Dr. Jane Perri and her husband Paul moved from the Oklahoma Dharma Center back to Oregon. They carried the message and practice of the Buddha Dharma with them, and soon began a small group there. They have grown to twelve members now, with a mailing list of thirty-five. Twenty-five of those visit the Dharma Center at least once a month.

Rev. Mizutani flew in from the new RKINA office in Irvine to help with the ceremony, and Rev. Yasuko Hildebrand, Kris Ladusau, Kim Miller, Ann Rinehard, and Hiroko Stacy drove down from Portland, to assist and support.

On Saturday afternoon, we formally installed the new statue of Buddha along with the scrolls of the Lotus Sutra that are stored beneath the statue. It was a very moving experience. New altar plaques blessing the Center, its members and families, and the Dharma Title plaques of the Founder and Co-founder were also added.

Rev. Hildebrad reveals teh Buddha
Rev. Hildebrad reveals the Buddha.


Rev. Hildebrad expresses her joy.

Rev. Hildebrand expresses her joy.

The Oklahoma Sangha joins with the Klamath Falls Sangha in sharing the joy and gratitude to RK Japan and RK International on this special occasion.


Jane, the represenative of Kalamath Falls Dharma Center

Jane, the representative of Klamath Falls Dharma Center

Klamath Falls Lake

Klamath Falls Lake

Dharma Center is on the 2nd Floor

Dharma Center is on the
2nd Floor of this building

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