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Buddha’s Birthday Celebration – Oklahoma Dharma Center and Vedic Temple

carrying the statue of Buddha Vedic 2 Vedic 4 Pouring of sweet tea

The Oklahoma Dharma Center was invited by the Vedic Temple to have a combined celebration in honor of the Buddha’s Birthday this year. The two groups gathered at the Vedic Temple for the ceremony. As Yasuko and Kris carried the statue of the Buddha into the Temple, there was a formal greeting complete with incense, music, and chanting. Once inside, offerings were made and one by one, we poured sweet tea (representing the dew of the Dharma that rained down from the heavens on the day he was born) over the statue.

Representatives from the Vedic Temple gave Yasuko Kyokaicho and the members of the Dharma Center a fruit basket gift, and Kris Ladusau presented a photo of the Buddha to Roshini Nambiar and the members of the Vedic Temple.

Candles were placed in front of the Buddha statue Vedic 10 Dharma Center and Vedic Temple sharing foodCelebrating Buddha's birthday

Candles were placed on the table at the front of the statue, and everyone was given a small candle. From the Buddha’s candle the first person’s candle was lit, and then each person passed the light to the next until the whole circle was complete. This quote from the Buddha was read: “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Roshini spoke about Buddha studying the Vedic tradition; at that time in history, it had slipped into “form only", without the true essence – so he left to seek the Truth on his own. Yasuko and Kris then spoke about the birth of Buddha from their tradition.

Kris led a meditation on the “Four Minds of the Buddha” and a small discussion followed. With peaceful minds and hearts, we shared wonderful food together and promised to have another celebration next year.

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