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RKINA is pleased to delivery direct links to Shan Zai and RKINA's English newsletter, Sangha in Motion to RKINA subscribers. Regular reading of these publications will help you practice Buddhism in your daily lives.

Shan ZaiSangha in Motion

Shan Zai
Published in multiple languages, Shan Zai is the monthly newsletter published by Rissho Kosei-kai International. It contains many other helpful articles to follow The Way.

Please click here to read the English November 2012 Issue.

Here are some of this issue's inspiring articles:

Feb 15 Live Broadcast Nirvana Day Ceremony The Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wonderful Dharma
The Variety of Blessings
500 Disciples Monthly Guidance from President Nichiko Niwano
Wisdom and Compassion Become One
Kosho Niwano Smiles Are Like Flowers from Heaven by Kosho Niwano
The Broken Mug
Andrea C Spiritual Journey Ms. Mayuree Mukdathong of Rissho Kosei-kai Bangkok
Showing Gratitude for the Past, and Practicing for the Future
Founder Niwano The Teaching of Founder Nikkyo Niwano
Let Us Not Be Hasty
Good Things Happen column by Rev. Mizutani Virtue is the Seed of Happiness
by Rev. Shoko Mizutani
Cofounder Celebration Join the Live Broadcast of Founder's Birthday Ceremony
November 15, 9:00 a.m. Japan Time
Get the details on page 12 in this issue of Shan Zai

Please read this issue of Shan Zai, and every month for guidance of how Buddha's wisdom can change your life.

Sangha in Motion

As part of RKINA's online ministry, our bi-monthly English newsletter Sangha in Motion helps you connect with our greater Sangha community in North America.

Here's what's in our November edition: Living In The MomentLA Nisei Week parade

  • New York Dharma Center Celebrates 30th Anniversary
  • Guidance from Founder Niwano
  • Commentary by Mary Sigman
  • Rev. Nagamoto Retires from SF and Seattle
  • Wisdom and Compassion in Action Symposium
  • Interfaith Hunger Walk
  • Members in the News
  • Ohana Gathering in Pearl City, HI
  • Advance Lotus Sutra Class in LA
  • Basic Lotus Sutra Study in San Antonio
  • community garden muralJoint LA and San Diego Hoza
  • Healthy Living: Dance for your Life
  • Children's Corner - Color Founder's Home
  • Family Matters: Little Prince No-father
  • Senior Corner: Living in the Moment
  • Dear Abhidharma
  • Book Review: Buddhism for Today
  • Art & Poetry from the Sanghas
  • and more...


Click this here to read the November issue of Sangha in Motion.

Missed our first issue? Click here to go to our Sangha in Motion archive list.

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