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Welcome to the Transatlantic Sangha!  This is a Thursday morning gathering bridging continents across the Atlantic Ocean.  Come and join members from the U.S., Europe & Africa for this 60 minute service with a Lotus Sutra recitation, Dharma talk by rotating Ministers, and Q & A.  Everyone is welcome!

For the last TA gathering of this year, Nov.19, we will have a guest speaker from the Italian Focolare Movement.  We hope it will be a befitting last session, especially for all who are dedicated to working for a world in which people of all persuasions will be linked by bonds of friendship. 


This is the first practice of the year to purify our hearts and minds. Members will gather early morning on zoom to recite the complete Threefold Lotus Sutra.

Over 14 days, we will recite 32 chapters of the sutra together.   It will start at 6am-7am PT and will recite a few chapters of the sutra each morning.  See schedule.

We will be reciting from The Threefold Lotus Sutra: A Modern Translation for Contemporary Readers translated by Michio Shinozaki, Brook A Ziporyn, and David C. Earheart.   

Available on Amazon

info@rkina for access information

RKINA 201: Lotus Sutra Course
This is a 34-week advanced Threefold Lotus Sutra course.  Each week, we will be studying a chapter in detail as interpreted through the writings of Nikkyo Niwano, founder of Rissho Kosei-kai.  Before taking this course, it is recommended that you have knowledge or taken the Basic Buddhism course (RKINA 101)  and the Introduction to the Threefold Lotus Sutra course (RKINA 103). 

Last Week to Enroll!

Sep. 8-Dec.22, Wednesday 6pm-7:30pm Pacific Time (16 week course)

(Start date changed from Sep.1 to Sep.8))

RKINA 103 is an introductory distance learning course into the sublime world of the Lotus Sutra.  In 16 weeks, we will study the core concepts found in each chapter of the three sutras that make up the Threefold Lotus Sutra, as interpreted by the writing of Nikkyo Niwano, Founder of Rissho Kosei-kai. 


March 7- May 9 (10 Weeks), Sunday 1pm-2pm Pacific Time

This is an introductory course, open to anyone interested in learning basic Buddhist concepts.  Great for beginners and as a refresher class for veterans!   In 10 sessions, we will cover: The Three Treasures, The Law of Causation, The Three Seals of the Dharna, The Four Noble Truths, the Ten Suchnesses, the Twelve Link Chain of Causation, The Eightfold Path, The Six Perfections, Transmigration and Karma, and the Three Thousand Realms in One Mind.  Members get 50% off!  Its still not late to register!

8/21"Realization that death is the conclusion for all who are born into this world, and live each and every second to the fullest."

9/22 "If you change, others will change."

10/5 "To overcome suffering, the first step is to see ourselves as we really are, to see how we live in interconnection with our surroundings,."

1/4 "Let us reflect and create. Nurturing people and endowing them with an abundance of compassion is human development in the true sense."  Nichiko Niwano

1/17 "If you change, others will change."

1/24 "Being content with little is a sure cure for the heart sickness of dissatisfaction."

2/7 "Everyone has a unique role to fill."

2/21 "Even a hellish heart can be transformed intot he heart of the Buddha."

2/14 "Even a hellish heart can be transformed intot he heart of the Buddha."

2/28 "Always consider others first."

3/6 "What is important is what you are doing now and what you do next."

3/14 "Charity arises from the wish to use one's possessions to bring happiness to others."

3/21 "What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life to tomorrow: our life is the creation of our minds."

3/28 "To receive guidance is not as easy as it seems, and such an encounter with the Buddha does not happen in just a day or two.  It occurs as a result of the profound course of our karmic affliations with previous existences."

4/4 "Never forget to smile and respond to others clearly and cheerfully."

4/11"When you know there are happy and unhappy occasions in life, you can recognize the seeds of happiness in unhappy events."