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International Minister's Seminar in Ome, Japan

International Ministers in Ome, Japan

From July 5- 7, International ministers, including U.S. ministers gathered in Ome, Japan for a Minister Training and Seminar led by Dr. Shoji Mori. Dr. Mori is researching the Founder's life and gave everyone the results of his findings thus far. Rev. Kosho Niwano joined his seminar and reflected many of her memorable encounters with the Founder.

The three day seminar was not just study and hoza, but on the afternoon of the second day the ministers had opportunities to do hiking, field golf on the grass, tai-chi type exercise and stretching, nature walking with environmental awareness, and some indoor activities.

President Niwano came in the morning of the last day to hear some of the ministers' reflections of the 3- day training and also offered a question and answer session. The ministers also held a large hoza in the evening of the 2nd day with Rev. Numata serving as hoza facilitator.

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