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Funeral Service for Rev. Mitsuko Nakamura

Rev. Mitsuko Nakamura

On Feb. 7th, a funeral service was held for the late Rev. Mitsuko Nakamura, the first minister of RKLA. As the Founder of the first Dharma Center in the mainland U.S., her influence spreads far. About a hundred family members, friends, sangha members, and special guests attended the funeral service, offering deep gratitude to Rev. Mitsuko Nakamura. Special guest Rev. Satoru Hayashi, the 2nd RKLA minister, from Japan was also in attendance, paying his deep respects.

Funeral Service for Rev. NakamuraFuneral Service for Rev. Mitsuko Nakamura

RKLA Minister Rev. Nakamura FuneralAttendees at Rev. Nakamura Funeral

Rev. Nakamura Funeral ServiceAttendees of Rev. Nakamura Funeral

After Funeral Meal

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