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Interfaith Panel held at UCI on Religion and Peace

Religions and Peace Symposium at UCI

Nearly 100 people attended the Symposium for Religions and Peace were held at UCI May 13, 2010. Five distinguished guests comprised the interfaith panel who discussed their thoughts for the shared goal of world peace.

Religions and Peace Symposium panelists

The panelists were Rev. Shoko Mizutani RKINA Director, Pastor Eric Smith/University United Methodist Church, Prof. Jack Miles/UCI, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Dr. William Vendley/Secretary General, Religions for Peace, and Katerina Ragoussi/Religions for Peace Global Youth Network. Read the Panelists' Profiles.

The purpose of the symposium was to share the common spirt of religions in promoting inner peace and social engagement; to promote the Arms Down! campaign as our shared action in this time of escalated global militarization; to celebrate the Buddhist sacred day Vesak.

Highlights from the Symposium:

Ms. Victoria Wilson emceed the symposium.

Victoria Wilson, Emcee

  • Mr. Joseph Hennessee greeted the symposium participants.
  • Pastor Eric Smith shared “Peace and Jesus Kingdom of God.”
  • Rev.Shoko Mizutani shared “A Buddhist approach to global peace.”
  • Dr. William Vendley speaks on “World Religions: Conflict or Cooperation.
  • Ms.Katerina Ragoussi reported on “Global Youth Leader Campaign on Arms Down!”status.
Joseph Hennesee greets symposium participants Professor Jack Miles Dr. William Vendley speaks on Workd Religions Conflict or Cooperation

Relgions and Peace Symposium group

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