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Matoi Group in San AntonioSan Antonio plays the Matoi

Members of San Antonio and Los Angeles sanghas came together to practice the Matoi.

A matoi is an object used in Edo period Japan by firemen to notify people of a fire nearby or within a building. It was put on the nearby roof of the burning building by the matoi holder. Each group of firemen in the Edo period had their own matoi to identify themselves.

In modern Japan, the matoi is used only for ceremonial purposes. To ensure a safe year and to pay respect to old firefighting traditions, tall ladders are climbed and thrilling acrobatics are performed with a matoi.

For the Lotus Sutra, Chapter 25:

“Pouring spiritual rain like nectar,
Quenching the flames of distress!”

So, just like the fire fighter, Buddhism will distinguish the fire within oneself.

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