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Rissho Kosei-kai Hawaii Minister Change

Rissho Kosei-Kai Hawaii Rev. Hosoyama

Rissho Kosei-kai Hawaii leadership

Rissho Kosei-Kai Hawaii Rev Hironaka

On Sunday, December 12th, a special ceremony was held at Rissho Kosei-kai of Hawaii to recognize Rev. Hosoyama's six years of wonderful work as minister of RK Hawaii and to welcome Rev. Hironaka as he begins his work as minister at this Dharma Center.

Ray Takeshita led a wholehearted recitation of the Lotus Sutra, followed by a Dharma journey speech shared by Mrs. Janice Tom. Mrs. Tom spoke about her appreciation of Rev. Hosoyama's guidance to help her overcome her family crisis and her awakening to compassion within herself.

Rev. Hosoyama shared the message he gave at his inauguration ceremony six years ago, "Only Once in a Lifetime" (Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur). He also expressed his deepest appreciation of RK Hawaii Dharma Center members.

Rev. Suzuki, director of Rissho Kosei-kai International, spoke warmly of his appreciation of Rev. Hosoyama. Then, he introducedthe new minister, Rev. Hironaka, to the congregation. Rev. Hironaka vowed to share the Dharma with all Hawaii members.

Rissho Kosei-Kai Hawaii
Rissho Kosei-kai Hawaii Rev Suzuki
Rissho Kosei-Kai Hawaii
Rissho Kosei-kai Hawaii

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