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Dr. Gene Reeves Shares Lotus Sutra Messages at RK Dharma Center of Tampa Bay

Dr Gene Reeves at RK Tampa Bay

On December 5, 2010, renowned Buddhist scholar Dr. Gene Reeves offered a lecture at the Rissho Kosei-kai Dharma Center of Tampa Bay. Twenty five members and visitors were in attendance as Dr. Reeves spoke on his new book, "Stories of the Lotus Sutra", as part of a promotional tour throughout the US.

The topics focused on the power of stories and how they serve to feed our imagniations and to be creative, especially in how we practice the bodhisattva way. Dr. Reeves stressed that the stories of the Lotus Sutra were not meant simply as accounts of fictional or historical characters, rather that they should always be viewed as skillful means for the reader or listener to find a personal connection with the Lotus Sutra.

A question and answer session followed the lecture, which brought about a variety of questions ranging from understanding the methods of the Buddha in his stories to dealing with ego in the workplace to concerns of political rancor in the world news. Dr. Reeves provided an insightful and empowering vision throughout his talk and answers, truly epitomizing the spirit of the Lotus Sutra. The evening finished with a book signing and a potluck dinner with a variety of delicious foods and engaging conversations.

Dr. Gene Reeves at RK Tampa Bay Dr. Gene Reeves  at RK Tampa Bay Dr Reeves at RK Tampa Bay

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