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Rissho Kosei-kai Buddhist President sends his concern for earthquake and tsunami victims in northeastern Japan

For the Earthquake and Tsunami Victims
in Northeastern Japan

Nichiko Niwano
President of Rissho Kosei-kai

The recent earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan caused great devastation, with many victims over a very wide area, and things have come to a serious pass. I would like to express my deepest condolences and sympathy for the surviving families of those who died, as well as pray that the souls of those who perished may rest in peace.

I also would like to express my sympathy for all others who were harmed by the earthquake, and especially by the tsunami, and the fires and collapses of houses.

There are still many missing people in the disaster areas. We pray that they may be safe and sound, and we will also continue to offer our sincere prayers for the prompt recovery of those areas.

There are many Rissho Kosei-kai members among the victims. Their mental anguish is more than we can imagine. But precisely in such a time and situation, we earnestly wish to overcome the difficulties, with religious faith as our mainstay, as well as with the cooperation of the people around us—our good friends and sangha members.

Taking into consideration the present conditions in the disaster areas, we will adopt appropriate measures, however limited, for the recovery of the towns and communities there.

All of the victims will remain constantly in the thoughts of all of us Rissho Kosei-kai members, and we wish to continue giving our support to them, praying for the recovery of their areas.


our heartfelt prayers for the victims and survivors of the tsunami devastation in Japan


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