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New Step in the History of RK Mission in America:
American Rissho Kosei-kai Minister Installed at RK Dharma Center of Oklahoma

Rev. Yasuko Hildebrand at Thanksgiving Ceremony in Dharma Center in Oklahoma   Rev. Kris Ladusau installed as new minister to RK Dharma Center of Oklahoma

Rev. Yasuko Hildebrand at the Thanksgiving Ceremony for her years of service and guidance

Installation of Rev. Kris Ladusau as the new
minister of RK Dharma Center of Okalahoma

On January 10, 2010, at Rissho Kosei-kai Dharma Center of Okalahoma, a ceremony was held to honor Reverend Yasuko Hildebrand, and to inaugurate Reverend Kris Ladusau as the new minister. The ceremony was attended by 80 participants that morning.

The ceremony began with the reciting of the Lotus Sutra; followed by a speech by Reverend Kotaro Suzuki, the Chairperson of Rissho Kosei-kai International of North America. He expressed his appreciation of Reverend Yasuko, who is retiring; and his joy in witnessing the successful transition to U.S.-born minister Reverend Kris.

Reverend Yasuko then expressed her sincerest appreciation to the congregation, and also her deepest thanks to her husband Harry. She is very proud of her successor for whom she has high expectations of sharing the Dharma with her fellow Americans.  Reverend Yasuko is requested the congregation's continued support of Reverend Kris.

On behalf of the Oklahoma Sangha, Kim Miller expressed their words of appreciation to Reverend Yasuko.

Rev. Suzuko thanks Rev. Hildebrand for her work at Oklahoma   Rev. Hildebrand thanks the sangha and her husband.

Rev. Suzuki speaking at RK
Dharma Center of Oklahoma ceremony
Rev. Hildebrand thanks the Oklahoma Sangha
and congratulates Rev. Kris.

Referring to okagesama, Reverend Kris Ladusau spoke of her appreciation for what she has received. In Japanese this means gratitude to those who are behind the scene.  She expressed her okagesama to all, including the Buddha, Founder, Co-founder, Rev. Suzuki, Rev. Yasuko, and the entire congregation. (She was so overwhelmed, she cried during her speech.)

The ceremony closed with words of vow by Jan Rose.

Rev. Ladusau shares gratitude   Jan Rose reads vows for Rev. Ladusau

Rev. Kris Ladusau expresses her okagesama
Jan Rose reads vows.

Everyone was filled with joy, appreciation, and determination to continue to share the Dharma with others in the United States.

This is truly a wonderful new step in the history of RK mission in the United States.

Dharma mission by Americans, of Americans, for Americans has truly started.

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