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Sangha in Motion - Master Mower Yasuko Rissho Kosei-kai

Neighborhood Clean Up Day in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma Sangha is always looking for new ways to develop positive interaction within the community. One of our members suggested that we create a fun T-shirt to be worn during a “Neighborhood Clean-Up Day.”

We made the shirts green (to match the current global concerns) and put “Rissho Kosei-kai Dharma Center of Oklahoma – Good Karma” on the front. On the back of the shirt is a fun picture of Buddha with the words, “Good Karma – Nurturing the Earth One Neighborhood at a Time".

The weather was absolutely beautiful that day and Robin Smith, head of the Landscape Committee, gathered the members to give a wonderful Dharma Talk that really put our minds into a good space for the work ahead. She said to bring our thoughts to the present moment… see the blue sky, feel the breeze, notice the trees and flowers, be grateful for all of these gifts of nature, and the opportunity to be with the Sangha, while being of service in the world.

It was a great day. We used our new riding lawn mower for the first time, and some of our neighbors came outside to thank us for cleaning up - one even offered cold drinks.

And as it always goes… by the end of the day we had not only cleaned our neighborhood and the Dharma Center, but our hearts and minds were cleaner and clearer, too.

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