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The Richer Life

The Richer Life

  • The Richer Life

    By Nikkyo Niwano

    Why is happiness so elusive?  It is not something fixed but, like everything within and around us, is affected by continuous change.  To live a richer like, in harmony with ourselves and with our environment, we need a deeper perception of the flow of life.  When we discover how change can be directed, we can decide the direction in which we will grow.

    With practical, down to earth advice and countless examples, this book shows that it is possib le to use the things inside us to create our own lives.  The secret of the richer life is paradoxically simple: instead of being constantly at the mercy of outside forces, we can put things in motion around us.  The author demonstrates how, using a variety of techniques, we can glimpse the richness inherent in each moment of life and create a fuller, richer life.

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