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Namu Myoho Renge Kyo

I Take Refuge in the Sutra of the Lotus Flower of the Wondrous Dharma


Buddha Nature

A man and women joyfully talking to eachother.
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Three Basic




1. Recite the Sutra

2. Share the Dharma &

    Join the Hoza

3. Study the Dharma

Enriching the quality of our life by taking everyday experiences
and turning it into a Buddhist practice.



English Kyoten Readings
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Pg. 109 & 115 in the Kyoten

Buddhism is not a fossil, a dry subject for academic investigation. 
It is a vigorous, lively religion for active human beings.

"Actualize Your Inner Potential by Modeling the Lotus Sutra’s Bodhisattvas"  Lotus Sutra Talk

"Actualize Your Inner Potential by Modeling the Lotus Sutra’s Bodhisattvas" Lotus Sutra Talk

The Bodhi Day Lotus Sutra Talk is an annual Buddhist lecture hosted by RKINA (Rissho Kosei-kai International of North America). "Actualize Your Inner Potential by Modeling the Lotus Sutra’s Bodhisattvas" by Dr. Dominick Scarangello. How often do you read, recite and study the applicational section of the Lotus Sutra? Even the most devoted practitioners of the Lotus Sutra and those very familiar with its teachings often neglect the final chapters of the text. However, because they personify the inherent powers of our buddha nature, emulating the bodhisattvas of the applicational section of the Lotus Sutra is indispensable to liberating ourselves and others from suffering and aspiring to the highest awakening. Join Dr. Scarangello for an exploration of modeling ourselves on the bodhisattvas of the Lotus Sutra to manifest our inner potential. -----Content of this video----- 00:00 - Intro 03:12 - Mythic Visions of Our Ancestors 07:47 - Loss of Spiritual Imagination 12:40 - Mindfulness of the Bodhisattvas as Models 17:09 - Imaginal Space 23:00 - In the Beginning, There was the Image 29:04 - Participatory Knowing 35:17 - Imaginal vs. Imagination 39:27 - Mythos 47:35 - Faith Frame 50:00 - Conclusion 52:41 - Practical Application ------------------------ Dominick Scarangello obtained his PhD from the University of Virginia  2012.  His interests include Lotus Sutra Buddhism in East Asia, Japanese religions, and religion and modernity.  Dr. Scarangello has taught at the University of Virginia and was the Postdoctoral Scholar in Japanese Buddhism at the University of California, Berkeley (2013-2014).  Presently he is the International Advisor to Rissho Kosei-kai and coordinator of the International Lotus Sutra Seminar.  The Lotus Sutra Lecture is an annual public event hosted by Rissho Kosei-kai International of North America (RKINA) to help deepen our understanding of the Threefold Lotus Sutra. This lecture was recorded on Dec. 5, 2021. For the Q&A portion the lecture, please visit our podcast version of this lecture. Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Podcast:
Buddhism For Beginners 6:The Twelve Link Chain of Causation Part 1, Outer Causation-RKINA

Buddhism For Beginners 6:The Twelve Link Chain of Causation Part 1, Outer Causation-RKINA

What is Buddhism? What do all Buddhists believe? What are the basic teachings of the Buddha? One teaching is the Twelve Link of Causation. This very important doctrine became the foundation of the realization of the existence of man. Tap into ancient wisdom. This doctrine explains in what process a human body as an ordinary man is born, grows, becomes old and dies by dividing the course of its causes and effects into 12 steps. This is called outer dependent origination. At the same time, the doctrine also teaches that there is the law of the same causes and effects in the changes of our minds. This is called the inner dependent origination. Taken all together, it teaches us the fundamental principle that we purify our minds, remove our illusions and rightly modify our bodies and minds. This animated video is a simple explanation based on the writings of Nikkyo Niwano, Founder of Rissho Kosei-Kai. 0:00 0:58 Outer and Inner Causation 1:43 Twelve Links 2:15 Ignorance, Action, Consciousness 3:02 Name & Form 3:23 Six Entrances 4:12 Contact 4:30 Sensation & Desire 5:00 Clinging & Existence 5:30 Birth, Old Age, and Death Related Videos Basic Buddhism: Twelve Link Chain of Causation, Part 2: Inner Causation Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Podcast:
A man looking out from a rooftop cityscape.

Mike Sonksen,

“Rissho Kosei-kai have helped me deal with difficulties so that I no longer panic when something happens that used to get to me.”

A portrait of a women.

Jenn Maynard,

“RKINA and its members have already helped me to attain a greater clarity of mind that will allow me to deal with any future suffering that I may encounter in this life.”

A man taking a picture in front of an illustration of the Buddha.

Li Tushinde,
North Carolina

“After 45 years of practice, HERE, in Rissho Kosei-kai, I have finally found the Three Treasures: the Buddha, the Sangha and the Dharma.”

A portrait of a women.

Betté Cruz,

“The streets taught me how to survive, Rissho Kosei-kai taught me how to live.”

A portrait of an Asian women.

Mitsuyo Ikari,

We learn to be kind and compassionate to others in the midst of the rapidly changing world, and respect differences in others and see the equality in all of us at the same time.



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