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Rissho Kosei-kai International of North America (RKINA) is an Online Dharma Center.  We are a contemporary Japanese Buddhist Organization based on the teachings of the Threefold Lotus Sutra.  


Here in North America, we host online gatherings for those who do not live within driving distance of an on-site center and those interested in an online community. 

We also offers Buddhism courses.

Headquarters (1).jpg

The Great Sacred Hall: Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Everyday Buddhism 
For Everyday People


Establishing the teachings of the true

Dharma in our hearts and minds.


Aspiring to perfect oneself through interaction with many people, learning together, and encouraging each other.


Society or organization.

Life can be challenging and stressful. A Buddhist practice can help you gain a better perspective by helping you understand your true self.


Learn the Dharma, discover a positive outlook filled with gratitude, and share the joy with compassion to create a brighter future.



In The Know

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Two people respecting Buddha Nature.

Still Getting to Know Us?

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