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I come to the end of another year safe and sound, but some of you have been suffered from the economic downturn, disasters, or illnesses may not be able to sincerely say that you have passed this year without incident. Yet, I think what is important is how we accept a year filled with hardship. The Buddha promises us that as his children, he will surely protect us. Have complete faith in the Buddha’s words.

The Buddha always knows the manner of suffering that we encounter, sees how we persevere, and watches over us as we pick ourselves up and get back on our feet. The Buddha has complete faith that we, his children, have more than enough strength to do so.

Just like a parent who, in order to raise their child to be healthy and strong, provides them with what would seem to contradict that wish, the Buddha gives us exactly what we need most at the moment.

The Japanese word annon-buji means that absolutely nothing bad happens; in Buddhist perspective, however, it means you have the strength to overcome whatever transpires. The time will surely come when you realize that the difficult ordeals which give you such strength are arrangements of the Buddha.

Nikkyo Niwano

From Kaisozuikan 9 (Kosei Publishing Co.), pp 300-301

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