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A group of refugee children holding up their dream gift bags.
Dream Bags have sent to about 764,000 refugee and internally displaced children in eleven countries, bringing them smiles, joy, dreams, and hopes.

THE DONATE-A-MEAL MOVEMENT: Emergency Relief and Development Project

Some members participate in the Donate a Meal Movement. They forgo one meal per day. Even a few moments of hunger turn our thoughts to our brothers and sisters suffering worldwide. They contribute the money saved to the RK Peace Fund through their local centers. By gathering small gifts of compassion, we extend the circle of support to people everywhere suffering from poverty's effects.

The campaigns for sharing and emergency relief are based on a Buddhist worldview rooted in the spirit of the One Vehicle. This worldview teaches that all people are brothers and sisters and are given their precious lives by the one great energy of the universe.


We are basing our endeavors on a three-hold spirit of prayer, compassion for those who suffer, and donation. 

  • Prayer: We pray for all people's happiness and peace of mind.

  • Compassion: We skip meals out of compassion for people hungry because of poverty or conflict.

  • Donation: We help those who suffer by donating the money saved from skipping meals. In this way, we hope to share in the joy and suffering of others.

Activities funded by the Donate A Meal Campaign

  • THE DREAM BAG PROJECT: Education and Human Resource Development

The Dream Bag Project seeks to comfort and encourage children worldwide who have been emotionally scarred by conflict. Japanese children nurture warm thoughtfulness toward others, filling handmade "Dream Bags" with school supplies, stuffed toys, and other playthings. Message cards include sincere prayers for the happiness of recipients overseas. During the 18 years since the project began in 1999, Dream Bags have been sent to about 764,000 refugee and internally displaced children in eleven countries, bringing them smiles, joy, dreams, and hopes.

  • JAPAN BLANKETS FOR AFRICA CAMPAIGN (JBAC): Reduction of Poverty and Hunger

Many parts of Africa are hot during the day and cold at night, and many people suffer from the nighttime chill. Others are made homeless by civil strife or natural disasters. JBAC sends blankets from Japan to those in need. Each blanket has a message sewn onto it, bringing the recipient the warmth of our caring thoughts. Since 1984, the campaign began, over four million blankets have been sent to various African countries. Funds from the Donate-a-Meal Movement help pay for their transport. Rissho Kosei-kai is an affiliated organization of JBAC.


The massive March 11, 2011 earthquake caused a great tsunami that struck the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan, devastating many areas. Donate-a-Meal Movement spent five hundred million Japanese yen in 2011 to relieve the victims. The money helped distribute relief supplies in the immediate aftermath of the disaster. Contributions to prefectural and municipal governments helped the disaster areas, supported on-site volunteers, and so on. It also helped to initiate a project to counsel disaster victims since 2012.

African women carrying a baby with blankets she got from Rissho Kosei-kai emergency relief aid.
Blankets for Africa Campaign

Find out more campaigns at Donate-a-Meal Fund for Peace

Youth Network Group/Dharma Education & Human Resources Development Department

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