Welcome to Rissho Kosei-Kai International of North America--RKINA! We are an online Dharma Center, servicing Buddhist practitioners in North America who live far away from local on-site centers. We offer online services and Buddhism classes. 


With headquarters in Tokyo, Rissho Kosei-kai is Japanese Mahayana Buddhism.  We are a sangha composed of ordinary people who have faith in the Buddha and strive to enrich their spirituality by applying his teachings in our daily lives. The Buddha's teachings are here before you in the hopes that you will find true happiness by walking the path to Buddhahood together. At both the local community level and international level, Sangha members, guided by President Nichiko Niwano, are very active in promoting peace and well-being through altruistic activities and cooperation with other organizations.

 Together with other local Dharma Centers throughout the Americas and worldwide, our practice is to take our everyday life and transform it into  a Buddhist practice.  In otherwords, anywhere you are, "is indeed the place of the way."


'Rissho' means living out the true words of the Dharma in our hearts and minds.

'Kosei' means perfecting ourselves through learning together and encouraging each other.

'Kai' means society or organization - for we cannot exist purposefully in isolation.

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