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People often ask me, “Founder Niwano, no matter what kind of person you meet, you always seem able to find their good points, and whatever circumstances you encounter you always take things positively. Is there some sort of secret to this?”

I don’t know if I would call it a secret, but I imagine how the Buddha would respond to that person, or what the Buddha would think about that situation. Then I work at following his example.

Children become adults by imitating their parents. Disciples become accomplished by patterning themselves after their mentors.

If you also have a person you admire and wish you were like, follow their example perfectly and one day you will indeed become just like them.

Looking at the people you meet and the situations you encounter in light of the Lotus Sutra, practicing as the sutra shows you means reading and reciting the sutra and putting what you learn into action. We cannot see the Buddha, who passed away some 2,500 years ago, with our naked eyes, but if we practice as indicated by the sutra we will be able to see the Buddha right in front of us.

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