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The Lotus Sutra is rightly called the teaching for becoming a buddha. If this is true, how exactly can we go about becoming a buddha according to the Lotus Sutra? As I always say, in the Lotus Sutra, the Buddha declares with absolute certainty, “Of those who hear the Dharma, / None will fail to become a buddha.” But when I say this, some people ask,

“Can I become a buddha just by hearing the Lotus Sutra?”

To “hear” means to accept the Buddha’s teaching with a sense from the very bottom of one’s heart that it is absolutely right. It isn’t enough to simply hear the teachings with one’s ears, or to listen only to enhance one’s intellectual knowledge. It’s okay to begin with a single teaching, but

you should listen to it carefully and practically apply what you have heard as you hear it.

Then, in your moment of determination to do so, you will be able to distinctly experience for yourself the truth that transforms the “three thousand realms” of reality.

For people who have never engaged in action motivated by a compassionate heart that wishes to help others, it’s quite difficult to appreciate the preciousness of the true teachings of Buddhism. But anyone can savor true joy if they practically apply even a single teaching as it is taught. The fifty-three-year history of Rissho Kosei-kai clearly testifies to this. It is quite enough to gradually amass the cultivation of bodhisattva practices one practice at a time. If you apply yourself to the benefit of others you will loosen the bonds of the stereotypes and attitudes that bind you, and your buddha-nature will begin to shine forth. Guiding people onto the path to buddhahood is your own path to becoming a buddha.

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