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When facing something like a major competition or important test, we are of two conflicting minds: one that says “I’m ready,” and the other that tells us “But what if…?” Once uneasiness grips us, it pulls us more and more into its grasp.

Nichiren taught that “a group of people who are many in body but one in spirit can accomplish anything.” He added that “if an individual’s heart is divided, that struggle will prevent them from accomplishing anything.”

What can we do to end this conflict within our hearts?

In the world of sumo wrestling it’s said that training is the only way to overcome uneasiness. Challenging one’s limits during training allows wrestlers to summon the inner strength to perform at their real level of ability, confident that they’re ready because they’ve trained so much.

Waking up early in the morning, getting covered in sand while down on your hands and knees in the ring, and training so hard that it leaves you unable to move will of course instill technique, but it also eliminates any room for self-doubt to take root in your mind.

Constant perseverance can eliminate the uncertainty and self-doubt in life.

Nikkyo Niwano

Kaisozuikan 9, pp. 114-115

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